Clones and Options

To clone or not to clone.. That is the question.

I don't have a problem with people who buy clones. How someone spends their money isn't something I'd care to waste emotions on. I personally have never purchased one because the thought of having a fake version of ANYthing doesn't jive well with me. 

Someone sits down and designs these things though, right? The button mechanism, materials used, insulation, maximizing conductivity to reduce voltage drops, the form of the thing and how it functions is created by someone... isn't that awesome? I think it is.

As a designer, the thought of someone stealing something I created doesn't sit well at the same way that someone breaking into my house and robbing me doesn't sit well.

Here's what I didn't understand... these Chinese companies obviously have the tools...why can't they develop their own designs? Weren't ecigs invented there? The igo wasn't terrible.... yaaa ok in all honesty, I hated the igo w... it was my first RDA and shortly after purchasing it, I picked up the v.1 Patriot with a build quality that was noticeably better... but still! It was an original design from a Chinese company. Somebody sat down and laid out the form and function of that ugly ass thing and for that... RESPECT!

Queue the Original/Affordable range of mods.... First of all... Hell yes. Affordable non clone designs? Solid construction with adjustable airflow for under $30? $99 for a quality copper mod? Hell yes, hell yes, and hell fucking yes. This is an awesome development in our vaping community. If you're in the market for a quality piece and don't have the endless funds that others have, check out They have a section dedicated to affordable non-cloned designs and I've found some of the hardware listed there for even a bit cheaper after a quick google search ;D